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Dhaka University Branch 7 is the most important education sector in Bangladesh. Any student at HSC Pass wants to recognize Dhaka University Branch. Honorable students are admitted to Dhaka University’s 7 College. Dhaka University Affiliate 7 College Admission Notice is available on our website bdinstantnews.com. So stay with our website bdinstantnews.com.

2017 February. The Dhaka University has included 7 colleges in Dhaka. Previously they were at the National University. Currently, these 7 colleges have 1, 67, 236 students and 1,149 teachers. From now on these colleges will be managed by Dhaka University. Dhaka University has issued a separate edition of Circular 7 for colleges. We will now know all 7 college admissions information.

DU 7 Affiliated College Admission Circular 2019-20

You all know that for the first time, the Dhaka University’s 1st Goto College will be taking place with Dhaka University. Prior to that, he was at the National University. However, this time, the Dhaka University 7 College Written Test will be conducted on the same subject. Admission test at 7 colleges will be accepted by Dhaka University. When this college was at Dhaka University, there was no admission test. However, now the University of Dhaka will accept a test related to 7 colleges. You must fill out the program from the Internet

  1. Online Application Start 25 October 201_
  2. Online Application End: 14 November 201_
  3. Admission Test Date:
  4. Humanities ( Arts & Social Science): 1 December 201_
  5. Business Studies: 2 December 201_
  6. Science: 8 December 201_
  7. Application Form Fee: BDT 400 Taka

7 College Admission Requirement

  • Science: Minimum Qualification for the Testing Department: Top marks at the Science and Science Department of the Madras Education Council, GPA received in secondary and upper secondary or equivalent examinations (4th issue), GPA 7.0
  • Humanity: Higher Secondary and Madras Education Candidates in the Council of Humanities at the Secondary and Upper Secondary High Level
  • Examination (4 subjects), GPA 6.0.Business: Higher Secondary, Diploma Business Studies and Business Management Examinations The Business Training Department exam will receive a total GPA amount for secondary and higher secondary examinations ( including subject matter 4) GPA 6.5.

DU 7 Govt College admission form is completed

To apply for DU Govt 7 College admission, you must complete the program via the official website of the College. www.7college.du.ac.bd is the official website for 7 colleges. Hence, follow the 7 Govt College admissions.

  • Go to 7college.du.ac.bd
  • Click “Login” / “Apply Bottom” to provide your HSC Roll, Passing Year and Board, and “SSC Roll” and click Submit Bottom.
  • After submitting a click, provide a bottom where you’ll find your data and the appropriate targeting unit. Now click ‘Verify Bottom’.
  • Provide a scanned photo, a personal mobile phone number, and more. Information.
  • You will now receive full payment for the full payment. Download and print this copy now.

List of DU 7 colleges

  • Dhaka College.
  • Eden Mohila College.
  • Government Shaheed Suhrawardi College.
  • Kabi Nazrul Government College.
  • Begum Badrunnesa Govt. Women’s College
  • The Mirpur Government Bangla College.
  • Government Titumir College.

Watch / Download DU 7 College Notice 2019-20 message and follow the PDF documents below:
arts_social_science_nirdeshikha PDF
arts_social_science_nirdeshikha PDF
business_nirdeshikha PDF
See / Download the DU 7 College Adoption 2019-20 message and use the instructions in the images below:

Department of Arts and Social Sciences:DU 7 Affiliated College Admission Circular 2019-20

DU 7 Affiliated College Admission Circular 2019-20DU 7 Affiliated College Admission Circular 2019-20DU 7 Affiliated College Admission Circular 2019-20DU 7 Affiliated College Admission Circular 2019-20

Business Studies Unit:

DU 7 Affiliated College Admission Circular 2019-20DU 7 Affiliated College Admission Circular 2019-20

Science Unit:  


DU 7 Affiliated College Admission Circular 2019-20

DU Govt 7 College Honor Acceptable Number of Seats

Sources said that seven colleges have at least 20,000 seats for first-year students in different departments. College sources said they had a meeting with the DU Chancellor last month. It was decided that the first year’s awards would be in writing. In addition, no decision was made whether or not to join the seven colleges at the same time.

(1) Dhaka College Awards – Topic: 19 – Common Location: 3515
(2) Govt. Titumir College Award Awards – Topic: 22 – Total Seat: 5680
(3) Eden Mahila College Award Awards – Topic: 22 – Common Location: 4685
(4) Begum Badrunnen Govt. Girls College Awards Admission – Topic: 20 – Total seats: 1395
(5) Govt. Bangla College Awards – Topic: 18 – Total Seat – 2350
(6) Kabi Nazrul Govt. College Honor – Theme: 17 – Total seating: 1820
(7) Shahid Suhrawardy College Award Awards – Subject: 17 – Total Seat: 1570

Dhaka University Affiliated 7 College Admission Result 2019-20

DU Affiliated 7 College Admission Test Result 2019-20 will be updated here just time. Official Website 7 College under Dhaka University Admission 2019-20: 7college.du.ac.bd. If you have any question about DU Affiliated 7 College Honors Admission Circular 2019-20, please comment in our Facebook Fan Page

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