Saint Joseph College HSC Admission Circular 2019

Saint Joseph College HSC Admission 2019. Admission Bulletin of St. Joseph’s College HSC 2019. Notice of Acceptance was published. Joseph HSC after SSC result. When the Commission publishes the results of HSC’s acceptance of St. Joseph’s College, we will update here. ST-ST High Secondary School Dhaka, Bangladesh HSC. It is one of the best colleges in Bangladesh. Most students dream of studying here. Saint Joseph School & College HSC is listed below.

Saint Joseph College HSC Admission 2019

St. Joseph’s High School is not affiliated with the government. Admission rules HSC students like others. The Supreme Court gives permission to take the acceptance test for HSC acceptance. So they follow the institute’s own rule of accepting HSC acceptance. Therefore, the publication of the acceptance of St. Joseph HSC will be published in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Institute. Students will get a few days to apply for Joseph’s College.

The circular will be announced in May. After the announcement, the applicant will call the application. Now follow below for qualifications on the admission of St. Joseph HSC.

For admission to the Saint Joseph School and HSC College for the first academic year 2019-2020, they must take a written examination and a Viva test. Such as the College of Notre Dame, Dhaka and the College of Holly Cross, Dhaka; St. Joseph’s College and the College also take admission test to accept students in the first year HSC for the academic course 2019-20.

Science Group For Version Version: GPA-4.88 with Biology & Math
  • Science Group For Bangla Version: GPA-5.00 with Biology and Mathematics
  • Business Studies Group GPA-3.5
  • Humanities Group GPA-2.75

How to apply admission to St. Joseph’s School of HSC

Qualified candidates must submit the specified form. The school counter form will be found. The acceptance form must be collected by the following date.

Candidates must collect the Admissions Form by the following date: 11 to 15 May 2019 from 09:00 to 16:00

Note: Candidates must submit the application form on the same day

Some Important Post:

St. Joseph’s College HSC Admission Result

Saint Joseph College HSC Admission 2019

ST. College of Admissions: You will get a result of admission to St. Joseph’s College HSC here. Here you will find the English version and the Bengali version. When the body publishes the result we will update here. However, the result of admission to ST Joseph College will be published on June 4, 2019

List of the scientific merit of Bangladesh

List of scientific merit in English

Business merit list

Business queue

Humanities and merit queue

শিক্ষা মূলক সকল তথ্য পেতে আমাদের গ্রুপে জয়েন করুন

The selected Principal Candidate must collect and submit the Final Admissions Form within the deadline.

The Saint Joseph School HSC Ad will be found here.

St. Joseph High School High School stands out as one of the leading institutions in Bangladesh. The Foundation has gained an enviable reputation for outstanding student performance in public examinations, as well as overflowing of students from across the country to accommodate 100% success rates with a very high GPA over the years. The homogeneous atmosphere of the Learning and Learning Foundation has attracted People who understand the essence of real education.

The entrance to St. Joseph’s High School in the third semester is very difficult and a long-standing wish of thousands of parents throughout the country. Each class (from third to twelfth grade) has a starter at the beginning of the academic session provided that the seats are vacant. Each semester (from the third to the tenth grade) has three sections of 180 students, one of whom is a middle section in English.

Chapters 11 and 12 contain six sections for each department – 4 sections of science, including intermediate English, Business Studies 1 and Humanities. More than 400 students are selected each year from among the thousands for admission to Chapter XI.

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