Which is worse: sugar or cigarette?

Smoking is not as fashionable as before. In the last few decades, there has been so much to discourage smoking that cigarette smoking has been identified as a marginal and ‘bad’ habit in at least developed world. Now the cigarette packets are white in Western countries, there are scary pictures of smoking diseases – which many people might want to smoke cigarettes.
Many people think that maybe there is something to do with sugar, sugar or sugar.
There is now a lot of taxes on sugar-filling drinks or soft drinks. Now a research institute called the British Institute of Public Policy Research, says these drinks, and sweets and snacks should be marketed in a white wrap – so that it looks less attractive.
It needs to be done to reduce the consumption of extra sweet items – in a report they say.
A survey by the British National Diet and Nutrition Survey found that as much of sugar as a teenager (as part of the total calorie) should be consumed – in fact, he is eating three times more than that.
IPPR director Tom Kibashi says that a big change can be made in controlling the extra sugar consumption when starting plain packaging, which starts selling unattractive white packets.
She also said that the ban on the promotion of junk food or fast food advertising has been done.
The news of the government ministers in Britain is also thinking about the matter.
But many people are questioning whether this will be excessive.
Large organizations associated with the production of sugar-mixed foods-marketing have already raised objection on this. They say it is against the freedom of trade and competition.
But tobacco industry also once argued this same argument, but it could not suppress the government’s strict anti-smoking position.
In Britain, when the health activists and educators were demanding a ban on smoking in public places, the government initially ignored it. But later it changed.
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In the last 10 years, the number of smokers has decreased by one-third due to various measures. Because of this, many people are saying about the discovery of vaping or e-cigarette, but strict government policy has played a major role in undermining doubt.
So many people think that government policies can play an important role in sugar food.
Source: BBC

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